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160mm Dirt-Xross Blue Medium M100236X

€ 52,90

MCD 160mm Dirt-Xross Blue Medium M100236X


The Rally-Xross Tires are designed for both rally cars and buggies to be driven on compact gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces. You can use the Rally-Xross Tires also on Buggies and Short Course chassis by using a longer gear ratio due to 160mm tire diameter.

Compared to the existing Dirt-Xross which is 180mm the new tires offer low center of gravity which can eliminate traction roll in some circumstances.
And when compared to the On-Road asphalt tire, that also has 160mm, this new tires have the same 160mm diameter but the outer sidewall is higher beacuse of the reduced wheel diameter. By increasing the sidewall thickness we maintain more resisting power for rough gravel surfaces. This also helps more cornering traction on gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces.

Available in Soft and Medium Compound to have always the right choice.


  • Rubber stiffener under the pattern inside of the tires will give more strengthening also by Higher RPM
  • The inner side walls get some fins and a larger edge on the gluing area, this will give more stability and reduce the braking of the side walls by heavy use or high traction tracks.
  • This tires are very light compare to many others on the market

Use & Compounds:

  • The Rally-Xross tire is perfect for compact gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces or parking slots
  • Soft = softer compound for colder days and tracks with less traction
  • Medium = harder compound for hot days or tracks with good traction 

Technical Data Tires:

  • Outer Diameter: ca. mm
  • Inner Diameter: ca. mm
  • Width: ca. mm
  • Weight: g (incl. Rim)

Technical Data Rims:

  • Outer Diameter: ca. mm
  • Inner Diameter ca. mm
  • Diameter glueing Section: ca. mm
  • Width: ca. mm
  • ca. mm Off-Set
  • Weight: g

Scope of Supply:

2 pcs. Tires
2 pcs. Rims
2 pcs. Inserts

Suitable for Cars with 24mm HEX Wheel Adapters like:
MCD 4WD Chassis
Losi 5ive Chassis by using a wheel extender adapter (like Item No. RCF10401)
CS Electronic 4WD Chassis
and other Chassis with a HEX 24mm Wheel Adapter system

Important Note about this Set:

  • The Tires are NOT glued on the rims